Play for Something

Yvolver™ lets everyone earn prizes simply by playing their favorite phone and tablet games. Your Yvolver score increases as you purchase power-ups, new levels or in-game currency. Monthly events offer even more rewards. The higher your score, the more cool stuff you can earn!

Are you a mobile game developer interested in learning more?

Yvolve Your Engagement

Play for Fun

Yvolver scores can be redeemed for more of what you already need to take your game to the next level. Need more bombs? Done. Extra levels? No problem. Yvolver works with developers to get players the best digital bang for their bucks.

Play for Keeps

Why not get a brand-new tablet for playing on your old one? Or get that special someone in your life a nice treat? Yvolver scores can also be redeemed for a wide variety of things you actually want to own — in the real world.

Developers: Play to win. Invest in your customers.

For developers, Yvolver allows you to reward the in-game behavior you want without compromising the look and feel of your apps. Loyalty and rewards in the form of Yvolver scores increase engagement, and increased engagement leads to happier customers making more in-app purchases, generating more ad views and providing your hard-working team with more revenue. It’s a win-win for you and your players.