Reinforce what what you find most valuable – engagement, retention, or in-game spend.
Reward and give back to users with Rewarded Achievements, a robust VIP System with built-in bonuses and benefits, and more!



Simple, efficient, and direct communication with users. Message everyone, or specific segments with timed, or triggered delivery. Supports dynamic in-app notifications, modal messages, and push.*

*Full push support coming soon



Put it all together to engage, reward, and respond to player behavior with no app store submission required. Increase engagement, and watch retention and monetization soar.


We’re the AdColony Dallas office. We pride ourselves in being unique — close-knit, entrepreneurial, collaborative, and above all, curious. Here every voice matters, because every little insight only makes our product better.

Weekly catered lunch. Office parties. Team travel. We work hard with people from all over the world, but on Fridays we relax with a board game happy hour.


Cory Lewis

VP, Technology Evangelism
Cory is a 16-year veteran of the video game industry. His past work includes PR, game production and business development with top brands including Nintendo, PlayStation, Electronic Arts, 2K Games and IGN. He most-recently served for two years at Apple, Inc. managing the Games category for the App Store. Cory is an avid gamer, in addition to studying music theory and learning to play the guitar, piano and drums – simultaneously.

Jah Raphael

VP of Engineering
As leader of the technology team, Jah brings 14 years of game industry experience to the fore, including extensive experience at id Software. His wide array of skills allow him to move between frontend, backend and client development with ease. When not working, Jah enjoys lifting heavy objects, listening to audio books, and not wearing shoes.

Brad Schliesser

Director of Tech Evangelism
An 11-year gaming retail veteran, Brad handled the development and management of GameStop’s Console Digital Distribution business. As a vendor relationship master, Brad worked closely with game publishers and developers for video games and Consumer Electronics. Brad is also a classically trained Baritone, and wins the award for “Most Likely to Burst Out Into an Opera Aria During a Business Presentation”.

Jonathan Harrop

Marketing Manager
Jonathan delivers a set of Swiss Army Knife tools that include communications, marketing, Photoshop and furniture assembly. His path to Compass includes time in gaming journalism, work at Apple, GameStop, and international construction firm Ferrovial-Agroman. Jonathan is an avid gamer of all kinds, even tabletop and board games. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Kelly, who is far better at video games than he is.

Phillip Burch

Lead Full Stack Developer
Phillip is a versatile full-stack engineer, equally as skilled in both web and mobile technologies. Over his extensive 7-year career he has lead teams of engineers at Match.com, American Airlines and more, delivering software to millions of users. Phillip also plays guitar in his spare time.

Shannon Ray

With a background in web and UI design, and a degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University, in short, Shannon makes us look good. Always in “the zone”, you’ll be hard-pressed to find her unplugged from music during the day. Outside of design, she is a Zelda fanatic, BBQ lover, and Hayao Miyazaki admirer.

Shawn Casey

Lead Programmer
Shawn’s technical expertise ensures clients’ experiences are always top-notch. He cut his teeth on IBM360 assembler and hasn’t stopped pursuing unique development opportunities since. Shawn’s pedigree includes application optimization for Intel, game development at THQ, id Software, Zynga, and creating a really cool iPhone Golf app. Shawn never wants to golf again and lives in Dallas with his family.

Trevor Pierce

Front End Developer
With 4 years of intense Front-End experience, Trevor brings to Yvolver skills learned from working with big names like Dallas Morning News, Heifer International, Medieval Times, and more. When not teaching Front-End Development at Collin College, or improving his craft, he indulges in collecting and playing boutique board games, video games, and the occasional wood working.

Maxime Preaux

Front End Developer
With extensive experience building educational games and cloud banking software, Maxime brings his front end development skills to the Compass table. When he isn’t building beautiful websites, he participates in game jams and writes too many codepens. He loves snowboarding and drinking wines from around the world. We’re not sure how, but he survives exclusively on a diet of Monster and doppios.

Chase Martin

Back End Software Engineer
Chase started his professional career as a Network Engineer developing automation systems. While he has full stack experience his home is in the backend. His off time is spent with his kids and playing video games that generally involve destroying the competition. His kids complain that he doesn’t let them win.

Shane Walker

Back End Software Engineer
Shane brings more than 10 years of development and infrastructure experience to Yvolver. In his spare you might see him passing you by on the highway – he’s a race car enthusiast and holds dual-citizenship with the US and United Kingdom where he has family. Whenever he can squeeze it in, you can find him playing games on the XboxOne or his mobile devices.

Corey McKenzie

Senior Q.A. Tester
Corey joins the Dallas team with a strong background in software development. With extensive experience on projects ranging from children’s games to telecom software, he brings a singular expertise to our QA team. He calls Dallas home and returned after almost 12 years of living and working in Thailand. In his spare time he enjoys salsa dancing, bicycling, and learning to play the guitar.

Alice Won

Office Coordinator
With three years of administrative experience, Alice puts her organizational skills to good use coordinating the Dallas office. She has an interest in front-end development and a keen appreciation for design. If she had to eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be tacos. She has two cats, Pocket and Bogey, and in her free time makes alien spaceship sounds with her synthesizers.

John Griffing

Software Engineer
John is a versatile developer who tinkers at all levels of a web app. He enjoys hacking on innumerable personal projects that use the latest front-end libraries as well as address low-level coding challenges. With an eye for architectural integrity, he thinks in software patterns, is passionate about reusable software design and performance sensitive code. He also enjoys bow-ties.

Heather Cronin

Senior Software Engineer
Heather was born and raised in Pennsylvania, lived in Washington D.C., and recently moved to Dallas from Austin. She graduated from UMD and developed various apps and gadgets for the U.S. Navy, including testing in Hawaii. An avid football fan, she remains a Steelers fan in Cowboy country. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, doing anything outdoors, and is always looking for a new trail to explore with her dog Max.

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